In short, Falcon Plus is simply the same Falcon, but with grippers. That's it. A lot of our customers asked for it and here it is - Falcon Plus.
The same efficient planform, the same agility and fun, the same ease of use. But now you can truly hold it in your hands during the flight. Literally.

Falcon Plus is the smallest of all our suits. It is made for First Flight Course students and also for dynamic acrobatic flights, as it comes to experienced pilots.
Falcon series are very simple and forgiving wingsuits, having however a great potential in acrobatics, flocking and freeflying.

Being extremely easy to fly and having the cleanest pull you can imagine, Falcon Plus is suitable for absolute beginners.

Default features:
- Backfly inlets
- Pressurization adjustments in arm and leg wings
- Belly mount hole
- Chest pocket

You can order this suit with a custom print!
Just mention it in the comments line of your order form, and we'll get back shortly with further details.

Cool suit’s features