The Otter is a big freestyle suit.

High-performance all-rounder with freestyle character for both skydiving and basejumping.

The Otter is designed for advanced pilots who are ready for a big surface area suit with a wide range of applications. Higher speeds, increased performance, great flare and, on the other hand, still comfortable handling with full range of capabilities for acrobatic flights.
Arm sweep, leg stance, planform, internal pressure. The most successful combination was chosen from a bunch of prototypes to have a perfect balance between performance and comfort on both belly and back.

All Airglide suits, including the Otter, are fully equipped with all the features of the modern wingsuit industry.

- New inlets system provides good inflation and stable pressure at all range of angles and speeds
- Pressure adjustment. A really rigid suit for the highest performance and sharpest transitions. A softer one for the easiest handling and comfortable flying with much smaller suits if needed.
- Removable arm foam and laminated bottom skin form the most efficient leading edge.
- New foot cavity. Nice and ergonomic, double sided no-slip design. Extra grippy rubber soles and anti-slip bars inside.
- Having great overall performance, the Otter is a great choice for BASE jumping.
- Sleeve shape provides the cleanest pull without any elastic materials in it. With foam insert inside or without it.

We recommend having around 150 wingsuit jumps to start flying the Otter.