Rage is the smallest of our big toys.

Precicely calculated wings profiles combinated with efficient planform gives this wingsuit incredible performance with such a small surface area.

We want the pilot to have best handling and sense of intuitive flying as we have it in suits of smaller class. New inlets design, low arm sweep, reinforced leading edge, leg wing profile, winglets - each detail of this wingsuit was designed carefully to provide it's pilot both comfort and performance.

Due to ease of use and stability, and being much less physical than Horus or Conan, Rage is also the best choice as your first high performance suit.

All features now included:
- Performance foam
- Belly mount hole
- Chest pocket
- Big pocket
- Unzip cords
- BASE mode
- Elastic back
- Rubber soles

You can order this suit with a custom print!
Just mention it in the comments line of your order form, and we'll get back shortly with further details.

We don't make winglets anymore!

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