Twiist 2 is next generation of Twiist series

Medium sized wingsuit for all types of wingsuit activities. It's big enough to have great range and it's small in terms of handling and physical requirements. The main point is to cover a really wide range of every pilot's needs in one wingsuit. Easy and predictable to be a beginner's choice, powerful and versatile to be a great tool for expert pilots.

Flocking, camerawork, FFC coaching, freeflying and freestyle, carving, acro and backflying, basejumping. The most balanced and all-purpose wingsuit you can have. One wing to fly them all, you know. :)

We recommend at least 30 jumps to start flying the Twiist 2

Default features:
- Backfly inlets
- Pressurization adjustments in arm and leg wings
- Belly mount hole
- Performance foam
- Chest pocket
- Unzip cords
- Big pocket
- Elastic back
- Hidden chest strap

You can order this suit with a custom print!
Just mention it in the comments line of your order form, and we'll get back shortly with further details.

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