Want your own custom made Airglide wingsuit?

The Airglide Team is proud to offer state-of-the-art wingsuits
as well as skydiving and BASE jumping equipment to our customers around the world.

Our innovative pilots are constantly testing new designs to ensure
we provide you with the best wingsuits in the industry.

Today we make 8 different models covering any needs of modern wingsuit pilot.
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About Us

Airglide is a company of highly experienced skydivers and BASE jumpers working together to bring the best wingsuit related equipment to our sport. We started to make wingsuits for our own needs in 2011 and after 3 years of flying ang intensive development in 2014 we made the product, which we were proud to share with our first customers.

Now in 2017 having great R&D and production capacity Airglide Wingsuits offers high quality skydiving and BASE jumping equipment.
Airglide custom suits are made carefully with excellence in every single detail.

Current production time

for wingsuits
for containers and canopies
for other items